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timothy manna

Timothy Manna


Timothy Manna, founder of Hillside Enterprises, established the Dubai-based Venture Capital fund in 2013. He employs a broad venture approach, investing at various business stages. He leads the firm's investment strategy and is a board advisor to easyMoney, a prominent UK IFISA provider. Hillside specializes in unique businesses that can capture market share. Originally a London native, Timothy's career transitioned from equity derivatives trading to private markets. He envisions Hillside's future focus on impactful investing to address global challenges through dynamic and strategic methods.

harry ellis

Harry Ellis

UK Portfolio Manager

Harry Ellis embarked on his journey at Hillside Enterprises in 2015, ascending within the company to his current position as the UK Portfolio Manager. Starting as an equities trader, his proficiency in technical analysis paved the way for his transition to private equity investing. With a focus on varied business stages, Harry's career has centered on investments across the US, Canada, and the UK. As a private equity analyst, his adeptness in optimizing operational structures underscores his industry acumen. Beyond his professional pursuits, Harry's diverse interests span sports, reading, and history, reflecting his well-rounded personality.

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Felipe Silva

Head of Global Operations

Felipe is a Los Angeles native with an extensive background in finance and consulting. Prior to joining Hillside Enterprises, he worked as a consultant developing financial and insurance strategies for municipalities and public agencies in the state of California. Felipe has also pursued interests in music and event production. He currently oversees responsibilities for Hillside Enterprises' portfolio companies as Head of Global Operations. Beyond his work, he enjoys travel, live concerts and film.

thommen kappen

Thommen Kappen

Head of Corporate Strategy

Thommen Kappen is Head of Corporate Strategy at Hillside Enterprises. Having lived in the UAE for over 12 years, Thommen has been part of Hillside’s team since 2015. He focuses on the most tactical way to structure Hillside’s global investments. Prior to joining Hillside, Thommen facilitated the incorporation of companies entering the UAE market. His knowledge and expertise are unparalleled in the Middle East allowing Hillside to be versatile when making investment decisions on an international scale. 


peter potente

Peter Potente

 Legal Counsel

Pete is the Founder and CEO of POTENTE, a law firm serving businesses and investors globally with offices in LA & Antigua. He leads a team of attorneys and team members that serve businesses and investors globally, and has worked with companies and investors from over 20 different countries and industries including hospitality (restaurants and hotels), media and entertainment, retail clothing, fashion design, commercial real estate, industrial production design and development and cosmetics.

samuel meredith

Samuel Meredith

Lead Accountant

Samuel is the founder of a successful start-up accountancy practice based in the UK. Within 5 years the company has partnered with over 500 companies and 250 individuals. Samuel has worked as an accountant, auditor and tax professional for over 15 years, working with clients globally. His understanding of tax and company financials, has allowed Samuel extensive experience in company structures and worldwide tax exposure.