easyMoney Achieves Significant Milestones

Our portfolio company easyMoney has reached its ambitious goal of distributing £1m per month to its investors. This impressive feat is attributed to the growth in both its assets under management and loan portfolio.

The firm has further raised the bar, aiming now to distribute £2m monthly to its investors, while maintaining its notable streak of a zero per cent default rate.

A few key takeaways from the announcement:

  • The company achieved a significant £250m in lending within its first five years.
  • It’s been recognized as the top Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) provider in the UK.
  • Their profit in 2022 reached over £1m, marking a consistent doubling of profits for three consecutive years.
  • Investor returns are on the rise, with some accounts targeting returns of up to 10% annually.
  • The firm announced plans to incrementally increase its target rates for investors over the next three months.

Furthermore, the article emphasizes that no easyMoney investor has ever made a loss, showcasing the platform’s resilience and commitment to safeguarding investments. The company’s strategic approach, which includes diversifying client portfolios through background automation, has been pivotal in mitigating risks and generating robust results.

For a detailed insight into easyMoney’s achievements and future plans, refer to the full article.

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